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This a short story from Captain Jack

Jack: Aye, You out there.
Captain: Do you see them?
Mr. Sparrow: Yep those are RIP.

Jack: Well what are you going to do about them?
Captain: Well we can move everything off the moon and see what happens and swoop in to clear the Debris.
Mr. Sparrow: We could always call in help so that me ship don’t get scratched.

Jack: Well, someone needs to make a decision in the next 9 hours
Captain: Yeah maybe by then we can come together and make a plan or run
Mr. Sparrow: Think he has a chance?

Jack: Naaaaa, lets do some math. 4 RIP plus the moon size (hands shoeto Mr. Sparrow) and the probability of suicide, Nope not a chance inhell…
Captain: Jack put yer boot back on, we all know you cant even count yer age.
Mr Sparrow: If we can get the fleet to come back we could always fight.

Jack: Fight?
Captain: Fight?
Mr Sparrow: Um, or we can drink Rum?

Jack: Aye
Captain: Aye
Mr Sparrow: Pirates!!!!

(Three hours later)

Jack: Wow, those things are getting closer
Captain: What things?
Mr Sparrow: The RIP Captain

Jack: So, anyone recall the fleet? (looking at his compass)
Captain: Do they have more Rum? (looking in the bottom of an empty bottle)
Mr Sparrow: I always have to do everything around here (rolls eyes).

Jack: (Stumbling around to the side of the Pearl) If we go over there we can see the whole battle.
Captain: We aint going anywhere, the coward will cut and run when he sees me standing at the help
Mr. Sparrow: Standing? Yeah that will be the day you drunk. The shipshave been recalled the Rum is on the way and the recyclers are on theassembly line. We won’t gather it all but we will get most of it. It’sa fine day to be a Pirate.

Jack: Recyclers? Is the Pearl in danger?
Captain: No! you twit I am the captain so it has never been in danger.
Mr Sparrow: Ok you two, come here (the three heads meet) our fleet willtake losses but we will destroy all 4 of the RIP that are inbound. Wedon’t have enough recyclers so we need to make more.

Jack: So the Pearl is ok?
Captain: Did you run this by the Captain?
Mr Sparrow: How do I live with you two?

Jack: Ok the fleet will be here in 35 min, the RUM in 36
Captain: Men I want you all to know that I will see this through andstrike fear into our attackers heart. I want a show of force that willmake his kids crap themselves.
Mr. Sparrow: No No NO, you want to hide and wait and at the last minuteyou want to attack, The attacker will believe he has won until too latewhen he has fallen on his face.

Jack: And the Rum?
Captain: Hmm, How about we hide and plan an ambush where we will catch him off guard and then he will be destroyed?
Mr Sparrow: (Annoyed) Oh, Yes Captain what a good plan I think it may work better than mine.

Jack: And the Rum?
Captain: That is why I am the Captain, Did someone say Rum?
Mr Sparrow: Jack the Rum will be safe on the Pearl with you.

Jack: Naturally
Captain: Ok Lets do it, hide the ships
Mr Sparrow: I am going to take leave after this.

(They Hide)

Jack: Ahab? Can you pass me a Bottle
Captain: Jack cant you wait? I have a fleet to tend to.
Mr Sparrow: Jack come here (walks to the bow of the Ship)

Jack: Yeah? Ohh Rum (bends over)
Captain: Oh, make ready with the guns this is going to one whale of a ride.
Mr Sparrow: (hits Jack in the head, Jack falls)

Captain: Jack…. Jack? JACK!!!
Mr Jack Sparrow: (Rises with a nasty headache) Aye? My Rum is empty…. Captain Where for art thow?

Captain: Jack get up here and make ready for war!!!!!!
Mr Jack Sparrow: Captain, I am ready for a war. (If I can find my feet)

The ships make their final maneuvers and make ready for battle. Theinbound threat is showing signs of being rattled but still the 4 RIPsail steady on their course.

Captain: (Standing on the bow of the Pearl) Jack come and set the finalcourse. (The captain begins to walk toward the help, Mr Jack Sparrowbegins to walk to the bow. They meet with a thud in the middle)

Captain Jack Sparrow takes the help of the Pearl and sets the finalcourse that will take them into battle. Yelling his commands to theship and getting the fleet underway to meet the massive planet sized ships ready to lay waste to his moon.

Round one passes and 2 RIP fall and many of Jacks Ships. The Piratesstill press on and make ready for wave 2. The cannons blast and thespace lights up like a Nova as another RIP falls to the fleet of the Pirate Armada. The final RIP stands alone with no where to run, Jacksounds the battle cry and the ships entangle in a mass of twistedwreckage that shows the Valor, Fortitude and Gallantry of the Pirate, or the Sheer Insanity of the Captain.

The space around the now graveyard settles, light escapes the area andthe blackness of space is all that remains. A slight noise is heard andit can be barely made out to be a song.

Yo………. Ho……… Ho………. It’s a Pirates life for me…………..